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Adarsha Azad is anesteemed institute of the culturally embellished city, Bhaktapur. It is an institution of preparing ethical and virtuoso graduates who are serving in the nation being educators, educationists, managers, and administrators.

Following the footsteps of education for all, Adarsha Azad renders affordable, accessible, conceptual, and practical knowledge for the students of Management, Education, and Humanities stream since 2016. As education is the foundation of social and economic changes, Adarsha Azad aids the nation by groomings skillful and competent graduates in a competitive market.

At Adarsha Azad, we are committed to providing a high-quality learning environment where each student can explore his/her potential. We provide you with every opportunity and individual support and guidance you need during this crucial state of education to develop you academically and personally. Welcoming all new students for moulding the right career for better survival!

Mr. Shreekrishna Kisee



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We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.