Rules & Regulations

  1. Students must enter the school premises before 5 minutes of the first bell.
  2. Students must not leave the class without any prior notice to the administration.
  3. Students’ attendance must be at least 90% of the entire class.
  4. Students should come to school with a neat and clean school’s uniform and proper hair cut.
  5. In case of absence, the leave application duly signed by parents on the following day must be submitted to the principal through the class lecturer.
  6. Any student showing aggressive behavior towards lecturers/teachers will be expelled the school.
  7. Students are liable to pay the cost of intentionally committed damages.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring and put on any jewelry and other valuable things inside the school.
  9. The students who remain absent for a month without prior notice to administration may be rusticated. He/she must re-admit with full charges, including monthly fees and remaining due to school.
  10. Students must appear and pass all the exams conducted by the school
  11. Only those students who are successful in send-up exams will be allowed to take NEB Exam.
  12. The deposit will be refunded only to those students who complete entire academic course.
  13. A transfer certificate can be provided only after the clearance of dues from the library and administration.
  14. Students are not allowed to enter and exit the classroom during class.

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